January 13, 2018

Oh my goodness, where on earth do I begin?... I'll start in Iceland I think!


How majestical is this beautiful country, for those of you have been before, you'll know what I mean when I say there is ABSOLUTELY nothing like it (well, that I have ever seen!).


My friend Laura and I decided one day at work that we'd like to go to Iceland.  Laura then hatched this elaborate plan of giving it to her boyfriend for Christmas.  I'd have liked to have done that for my boyfriend, but he's too nosey and... I literally cannot keep such an amazing secret from him!  5 months ago we booked our accommodation, then finally booked our flights.  We managed to get such a good deal and we've been so excited ever since!


I was determined to get them to dress up for me for a couples shoot, regardless of how cold I explained 'you're doing it'. Haha.  She obliged and told me that Carl would just have to deal with it!


Day 1- 

Flight was at 0615hrs to make sure that we got a full day.

-Blue lagoon- was AMAZING however I wish I got over the fact that it was a faff to get my camera out whilst it was wet and freezing out of the water.  Damn, only means one thing- we gotta come back!

-Then we went shopping for food supplies- INCREDIBLY pricey! A baguette was £3.50!! Wowsa!

-We all kind of crashed out about 2000hrs!


Day 2- 

Up at 0800hrs, to get ready to travel to the beautiful waterfall Skogafoss.

After an hour and a half drive, we were finally at our destination... well our first one anyhow!

A reluctant Laura and Carl got changed into their first outfits.. 

I snapped some pics then we departed for the Black Sand Beach..

They did another quick change of outfits and followed me onto the shore.

How incredible is this beach? I mean, I know it was super foggy and rainy, but still beautiful!

They were SUPER good, no matter how much the pair of them were shivering, they soldiered through, and I am so grateful that they did!


So, you're reading this saying to me, SHOW ME THE GOOD STUFF! So, I will stop talking now and you can view the images below!



Philly xo




Tags: Surrey Maternity Photography

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